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JadaDavesHeadshotDr. Jada Daves is the founder and president of Positive Results, a motivational speaking, training, and program development firm. She shares her inspirational message in speeches and seminars throughout the United States and internationally to corporations, churches, educational systems and other professional organizations. Jada has twenty-two years experience in training and education and earned her doctorate in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University. Jada’s strong personal commitment to her Christian beliefs and values is the driving force in her work. She has utilized her many God-given talents through missionary work in several countries, teaching all ages of children and adults in the local church, writing feature articles for Christian publications, and conducting a variety of Bible studies. Jada is also an author and former talk radio host. She is happily married and the mother of five children.

 Signature Keynotes


Turning Disappointments into Opportunities:

Allowing Life's Storms to Strengthen Your Faith 


Wisdom for the Worrier:

Learning to Completely Trust God


How to Find Joy in Everyday Living:

Learning to Stop Dreading and Start Anticipating Life


The Art of Being Thankful:

Keys to Discovering God's Blessings in Your Life


Mirror Madness:

Finding Contentment in Your God-given Beauty





Jada’s enthusiasm and love for Christ is easily communicated. She is a gifted teacher and her joy is contagious. --Gladys Edwards, Librarian, Chattanooga Bible Institute

Be Still Get REAL was exactly what the women in our church needed. The entire conference was dynamic, impactful, and life-changing. I am continuously asked, "When are we going to have them back?" --Rev. Rodney Duckett, Assoc. Minister, Lebanon, TN

This presentation addressed spiritual truths in a creative, insightful, and entertaining way, yet allowed participants to feel comfortable. --Phyllis James, Board President, Scenic City Women's Network, Chattanooga, TN

Jada’s faith in our Lord is so enthusiastic you want to “catch” it! --Iva Meeks Steed, LUTCF, Account Agent, Allstate®

I know it’s hard to believe that a person can be so positive and uplifting, but that’s called faith. It is very evident that God is her guide. --Glorria Bowen, President, Choo Choo Express Tours

Jada has the God-given ability to speak to diverse groups while being understood with clarity. Her enthusiastic approach in delivering a topic makes the audience listen with intensity. She adds a positive note to every discussion. --Jeannette Alexander, Promotion Manager, Bethel Bible Village

All of the secretaries from our church raved about how wonderful you were! In fact, one of them said you were the best speaker they’ve heard so far. Thanks for being such a blessing. --Kim Green, Central Baptist Church

God has truly blessed you with a gift for speaking. You are awesome! The women left the church feeling and remembering your challenge. --Nelda Ward, Bethel Temple Joy Fellowship

Thank you so much for speaking to our youth at Inner City Ministries. I am so thankful that God has given you such a passion to work with children. --Kelley Thornton, Inner City Ministries

Sample Presentation Topics


Planting a Fruitful Life

Do your friends, relatives and business associates know you’re a Christian? If our love for God is real, Jesus said our lives would bear lasting fruit in His name. “What are those fruits?” you may ask. Things like kindness, gentleness, patience, etc. In this interactive Bible study, each participant will be guided through a symbolic lesson on what it takes “to plant a fruitful life.”


The Spiritual Path to Leadership: An Insightful Journey for the Professional Christian Woman

From female business owners to soccer moms, women from diverse backgrounds can enjoy and learn from this dynamic leadership training. Biblical examples of strong leadership such as Lydia will be explored, and special emphasis will be given to the following topics: Defining Leadership, Characteristics of a Leader, Women as Leaders, The Superwoman Syndrome, Growth & Empowerment Strategies, plus much more!


Dealing with Transitions in Life

Whether it’s a job change, marriage, divorce, having a baby, “empty nest syndrome,” loss of a family member or friend, or a number of other transitions that can occur, the most difficult thing for people to encounter is change. In this emotionally charged program, participants will gain insight on how to more effectively cope with the many different transitions they will go through in life.


I Do, I Did, I’m Done

In this humorous, matter-of-fact presentation, you will be reminded of days gone by when you were sticky, gooey in love with your mate. Emphasis will be centered around rekindling the reason you chose to get married and why your commitment should be honored before God to be the very best it can be. Tips will be shared to help your marriage go to the next level regardless of what condition it is in.


Women’s Wisdom 101

Women tend to share a wealth of wisdom on issues ranging from parenting to professionalism, but we tend to keep it to ourselves. This insightful program will encourage all women in the various roles they play as mothers, sisters, wives, grandmothers, aunts, community volunteers, professionals, church workers, homemakers, etc. The intent of this program is to help women let down their defense mechanisms so they can more fully enjoy healthy relationships with other women.


"Be Still Get REAL" Conference

The Be Still Get REAL Makeover is a spiritual retreat for women using music, drama, testimony, and teaching on how to be “made over” in Christ. The Be Still team is led by Jada Daves and includes four other women who desire to teach ladies how to be real before God, their peers, their girlfriends, and coworkers. As a result of this conference, participants are mightily equipped to serve, love, and give in greater capacity.


Jada can custom build a training program or presentation to meet specific needs within your organization