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JadaDavesHeadshotDr. Jada Daves is the founder and president of Positive Results, a motivational speaking, training, and program development firm. She is a widely recognized expert in the field of education. For twenty-two years, Jada has shared her inspirational message in speeches and seminars to administrators, teachers and students in both large and small group settings. She earned her doctorate in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University and formerly taught in the Marion and Hamilton County School Systems. Jada has served on the board of a private elementary school for 5 years, is an author, former talk radio host, and the mother of five children.

 Signature Keynotes


Lighten Up and Enjoy Your Job:

Avoiding Burnout by Focusing on the Positive 


How to be a Great Teacher and a True Professional:

No-nonsense Tips for Success In the Classroom


Making a Difference One Child at a Time:

A Call to Action for Educators


Teaching Isn’t For Dummies:

A Humorous Look into the Complex World of Teaching


Reclaiming Our Children:

Rebuilding Our Communities Through Strong Schools




You were by far the best speaker we have ever had for our teachers. I hope you can come back next year since everyone has already been asking for you. --Jennifer Dickey, Bank of Ellijay

Thank you for helping us start the school year on a positive note for the administrators. Superintendent Jones made reference to your comments as he set forth his expectations for Cherokee County administrators. --Annette Johnson, Staff Dev. Coord., Cherokee County Brd. of Ed.

You were simply fantastic in your presentation to our teachers. You were very effective in using the humorous approach to get teachers to look at some of their behaviors and think about their actions. Thank you for presenting a challenge to our teachers and assisting us in beginning the new school year on a positive note. --Judy Phillips, Assistant Director, Greene County Schools

Thank you for providing an informative and entertaining morning to begin our school year. The evaluations were positive and very complimentary. --Linda Hodge, K-12 Supervisor, Grainger County Brd. of Ed.

Jada Daves exudes an enthusiasm for life that is infectious. Her delightful blend of optimism and humor make listening a long remembered joy! --Marcia Swearingen, Office Mgr., Why kNOw Abstinence Ed. Program

Thanks for your inspiring program to our student body! I have only heard great comments from our students and faculty. Your candid approach to storytelling definitely made a life-changing impact on our school. --Wanda Hixson, Guidance Counselor, Whitwell High School

Sample Presentation Topics


Make Your Classrooms Come Alive

This interactive workshop is designed to introduce specific examples of games, activities, projects, writing assignments, and many more creative ideas teachers can use in their classes to make them more exciting. Discussion will be centered around how, when, and why educators should be adjusting their teaching styles to get their students more involved and motivated toward the subjects they are teaching.


How to Incorporate Study Skills into the Regular Classroom

This insightful workshop will provide a multitude of ways to integrate basic study skills into the regular classroom. A variety of student-centered activities will be presented to help students develop good study habits that can improve success in school and in future academic endeavors.


Teamwork Techniques for Teachers

We’ve all heard the chants from the “coach” (a.k.a. principal, director of schools, or department head) about the importance of “teamwork.” But why should a teacher want to be a team player? In this challenging presentation, your staff will be encouraged to see what a difference the team concept can make in the life of their school.


The Value of You® Training

This training is essential to successfully integrate The Value of You® curriculum into the regular classroom. This interactive, multi-disciplinary curriculum offers a creative approach to building personal confidence, self-esteem and social skills in the lives of children and teens ages 7 to 18 years of age. This cutting-edge program includes over 60 custom-designed lesson plans that address many of the issues facing our children and youth today (e.g. peer pressure, decision-making, violence and fear, labeling, body image, respecting others, plus much more).


Leadership—Staying One Step Ahead

This seminar addresses the qualities every effective leader must possess and how to properly utilize those character traits to the greatest capacity. Administrators at all levels, department heads, team leaders, and teachers must realize they hold powerful leadership roles that have a direct impact on the lives of the children they serve.


Administrators That Motivate

While we all know that motivation must come from within, an effective administrator can create an environment in which individuals can be selfmotivated. This insightful seminar will show administrators a variety of ways they can improve their management style in order to yield a more harmonious and productive workforce.


"Life Rules" Assembly Program for Students

Life Rules is a fast-paced, upbeat, character/values-based presentation targeted to 5th - 12th graders on what it takes to be successful in life. This program is delivered through the use of an up-to-date visual representation relating startling statistics, meaningful quotes, thought-provoking stories, and interactive incentives that keeps the attention of both children and teens. The message will challenge all students to analyze where they presently are and where they ultimately want to go in life. Some key issues brought out in the presentation are: 1) the value of getting an education and how that relates to future earning power, 2) what employers are looking for in the next generation of hires, 3) the importance of positive self-esteem and how it affects overall success in life, 4) learning to respect authority and others, 5) choosing your friends carefully, 6) how setting goals helps dreams become reality, and 7) the benefits of positive adult role models, plus much more!


Jada can custom build a training program or presentation to meet specific needs within your organization