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JadaDavesHeadshotDr. Jada Daves is the founder and president of Positive Results, a motivational speaking, training, and program development firm. Her programs provide valuable insight on topics such as customer service, employee motivation, leadership, work/life balance, team building, and other workplace issues. Her client list includes individuals in the hospitality industry, sales, manufacturing, government, education, management, and healthcare. Jada has 22 years experience in training and education and earned her doctorate in Human Resource Development from Vanderbilt University. She is also an author, former talk radio host, and the mother of five children.



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Taking Service to a Whole New Level 


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Making a Single Adjustment to Enhance Your Life


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Enjoying Now What You Will Leave Behind



Thanks for the motivating training course you presented to our summer interns. The thought-provoking exercises gave us insight into the interns as well as ourselves. As you can probably guess, everyone is still talking about the “orange exercise.” --Lisa Hardigree, HR Associate, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

The seminar was not only informative, it was fun. It is hard to hold the attention of sales people and you had them riveted! --Kennard Yamada, Sales Manager, WGOW-AM/FM

You were able to motivate and entertain in such a way that our managers will never forget. I might also add that you were the first speaker I can ever remember at any of our statewide meetings who received hugs when they finished. --Terry C. Smith, Dir., State of TN Services for the Blind & Visually Impaired

I feel the best way to evaluate a seminar or meeting is hearing or listening to the unsolicited comments from the attendees. I have received many favorable comments such as, “We wish Jada had more time,” and “Maybe next year she could have two full days!” --Randall Steele, President, ISS Southern Management Company

Thanks for a perfect kickoff for a great weekend! The staff certainly related well to you and I do not believe we could have made a better choice. It was absolutely super! --Steve Robinson, Practice Administrator, Professional Eye Associates

As you can tell from your evaluations, you were a BIG hit! Your enthusiasm and honest approach to the subject matter was what these managers really enjoyed. --Gary Critser, S.E. Regional Mgr., P.B. & S. Chemical Company, Inc.

I have never met anyone in my professional career as energetic and motivated as Jada Daves. --Linda Denham, Loan Specialist, Financial Solutions of Chattanooga

Everyone enjoyed you coming back to our conference and conducting such a wonderful seminar. You always do a great job! I’m hoping we are able to secure you a speaker for our international conference next year. --Becky Breeden, TN District President, Financial Women International

Sample Presentation Topics


On the Front Lines: Becoming a Better Supervisor

This interactive program is designed to benefit all first-line supervisors who want to become more effective leaders. Multiple exercises and debriefs will address the critical role that values play in defining an organization’s success. This thought-provoking presentation will identify competencies of exceptional supervisors with special emphasis on improving communication skills. Participants will also gain a greater understanding of how to effectively handle workplace conflicts involving difficult employees.


Generational Understanding

One of the hottest topics creating conflict in the workplace is generational misunderstanding. In this session, employees are put into generational groups to define their values. The goal is to start a dialogue among the diverse groups in order to facilitate a respect and understanding of each generation’s strengths and weaknesses. Participants are then challenged to think about ways to resolve their differences and work more effectively together.


Behavioral Interviewing

This interactive session will not only introduce the behavioral interviewing model, but provide guided practice through the use of role play and debriefs on how to properly conduct a behavioral interview. In addition, participants will learn legal do’s and don’ts and a host of other important interview tips. Overall, this session will offer proven ways to improve the hiring process, thus positively impacting the bottom line through increased retention of employees.


Classy Customer Service: The Foundation for Success

In this ever-changing competitive marketplace, the emphasis on servicing the customer must be an organization’s highest priority. This educational, results-oriented program will provide an abundance of practical tips to benefit all employees who deal with customers on a regular basis.


Teamwork Techniques

We’ve all heard the chants from the “coach” (aka the CEO, boss, manager, or direct line supervisor) about the importance of “teamwork.” But why should a person want to be a team player? In this challenging presentation, managers and employees will gain a greater understanding of the team concept and the difference it can make in the workplace.


Effective Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the workplace is critical to the success of employees and the organization at large. In this enlightening session, participants will learn effective communication skills that are sure to enhance their ability to relate with others both on and off the job.


Moving from Training to Performance Improvement

Billions of dollars are spent annually by American industries on training and development, yet studies show that only 10 percent of these expenditures actually transfer back to the job in the form of improved job performance, increased generic productivity, and greater contributions to all stakeholders. This presentation will explain the most common barriers to transfer and share proven strategies to sustain valueadded transfer of new knowledge and skills to the job. Participants will also be challenged to conduct a transfer audit within their organization.


The Case for Work/Life Balance: Employer & Employee Issues

A recent study of more than 50,000 employees found that two out of every five employees are dissatisfied with the balance between their work and personal lives. So what can be done to better meet the dual demands of work and personal life? In this informative presentation, Jada will offer both practical and research-based insights to benefit supervisors, managers, and HR professionals.


Jada can custom build a training program or presentation to meet specific needs within your organization